We help you to improve grid stability, increase revenue, and meet peak demands without straining your electrical systems.

What is Honeywell's Battery Energy Storage System?

Provide an easy to customize, scale, manufacture, install, configure, maintain and recycle, Battery Energy Storage System. This includes:​

Battery Modules

Battery Management Systems (BMS)

Energy Management Systems (EMS)

BESS subsystems such as HVAC and security

Key Features:
  • Proven lithium-ion-based cell chemistry, with energy storage scalable from 500kWh to 4GWh.
  • Front of the Meter and Behind the Meter customers alike.
  • Maximize renewable energy generation, reduce utility bills and tariffs, increase uptime and reliability.


Benefits Of Honeywell's Battery Energy Storage System

  • Increased uptime of production or critical infrastructure
  • Reduced energy costs
  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • Maximized ROI on energy assets
  • Operate BESS as a spinning reserve in microgrids
  • BESS absorbs fluctuations in demand, reducing wear and tear, asset life extended
  • EMS extend distributed energy assets and support critical loads
  • Increased self-consumption of renewable energy
  • BESS as back up power
  • Business functions to continue for critical manufacturing process
  • Reduced equipment damage that can occur due to outages
  • Seamless transfer between grid and BESS

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