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How biomethane and hydrogen solutions can help de-carbonizing your operations

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Honeywell supports industries and gas network operators to reduce fossil fuels and boost renewables

In the challenge to reach net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, renewables gases play an increasingly important role. These ambitious targets cannot be met without renewable fuels like biomethane and green hydrogen. To help achieve these goals, we are providing complete biomethane grid injections solutions to allow for a safe and reliable integration of renewable gases into the distribution network.

Take control in reducing your carbon footprint

Reduce fossil fuels in your operations with accurate H2 blending solutions

Injecting confidence into your grid H2 and Biomethane entry systems


Measurement and Control

Flow metering

Honeywell offers a wide range of different measurement devices for measurement of gas volume and gas flow. The range includes volumetric meters like the RABO rotary meters, TRZ turbine meters and Q-sonic ultrasonic meters. Our meters are suitable for measurement of Biomethane and/or Hydrogen blends.

Pressure control

Honeywell gas pressure regulators meet the highest demands concerning quality and capacity. Our regulators ensure safe control of gases entering your network making sure your grid integrity is not compromised at any time.
Check out our flagship HON 5020 here.

Gas quality measurement

Gas Quality measurement is crucial in ensuring compliance of gases with your network specification or process requirements. With our Encal 3000 or GasLab Q2 we are able to analyse all components in Biomethane and measure hydrogen levels in Natural gas/H2 Blends.

Modular Systems

Decentralized renewables production will ultimately result in an increased number of distributed assets. With Honeywell control solutions like the Control Edge PLC we are able to guarantee optimal control and accessibility. Local as well as remote operation of blending and grid entry units is integral part of our solutions


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