Powerful and innovative, but simple to use, Experion® SCADA simplifies configuration, operations and maintenance and delivers a scalable, robust control solution for renewables businesses.

What is Honeywell's Integrated SCADA Solution?

Experion® SCADA is a powerful software platform incorporating innovative technology for human machine interface (HMI) and supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA). Experion is a highly proven and complete SCADA solution that provides a single pane of glass for viewing and controlling single sites or fleets of new and existing assets.

Key Features

  • View and control all your assets from one place 
  • Quickly identify underperforming assets and take action
  • Built-in alarm, data, and event historian 
  • Flexible architectures 
  • Mobile and web applications 
  • Scalable and flexible deployment, SaaS or on-site
  • CyberSecure 
  • Powerful Core SCADA Features
  • Connect in your existing systems 
  • Various architecture options 
  • Renewables integration

Benefits Of Honeywell's Integrated SCADA Solution

  • Monitor and control all your assets from a single pane of glass
  • Integration with trading and bidding platforms to maximize your revenue
  • Executive dashboards show you asset performance at a glance
  • World-class cyber-secure SCADA system including alarming, trending, and automatic report generation
  • Get remote operations control rooms designs customized as per your needs
  • Vendor agnostic – view and control your existing assets

  • Generation source agnostic – monitor your solar sites, buildings, BESS and other traditional power generation sources.

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