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Drive competency, productivity, and performance with the comprehensive, end-to-end Workforce Excellence program only from Honeywell.

Boost Worker Productivity, Competency And Transform Operations

Honeywell’s Workforce Excellence is a technology-enabled, role-based service program that boosts productivity and competency of the industrial workforce. It empowers each worker with insights and advice to make better decisions faster, work more effectively and help increase plant performance. The program is built around your people and defined by your business. Our consultative process is role-based and results-driven, tailored to meet your specific objectives.

Our Approach

Honeywell Workforce Excellence delivers perpetual, iterative, and self-reinforcing training and support programs for continual improvement. We don’t just implement courses and solutions; we offer a new way of developing your workforce day-in, day-out, from hiring to retiring.

In our closed-loop process, the learning never stops. It’s a virtuous circle that fosters skills progression, professional development, improved productivity and enhanced compliance and safety.

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