Human Machine Interfaces (HMI)

HCiR (Honeywell Control Interface)

The Honeywell HCi series provides an advanced, user-friendly and competitive interface that enhances controllers’ performance.

What Is It?Honeywell Controller Interface (HCi) is a general-purpose interface for control systems, supporting a wide range of protocols, including serial communication, Ethernet TCP/IP, USB and wireless (as a special option). It’s available in several display sizes, from five to 15 inches and standard and widescreen formats. It is quickly configured using the simple, included tool, with intuitive, graphical and other useful predefined functions. HCi is suitable for demanding applications and features a full metal case and water-tight front bezel assembly.How Does It Work?HCi series includes the HCi Design Studio (HDS) PC configuration tool, supports Ethernet-based connectivity, and has an intuitive user interface, along with a wide variety of protocols to interface with controllers in the field. It includes one USB port for configuration or two USB host ports to extend data export functions and interface with USB devices, such as barcode readers. It features custom display development tools, user-friendly touchscreen control, monitoring-packets during runs, screen capture, multi-screen simultaneous display, movie display, camera inputs, video outputs in HDMI, and print-out functions.What Problems Does It Solve?Honeywell HCi reduces engineering time with convenient functions to import databases, reducing users’ total operating costs. It accepts maps for interface exported from HC Designer, ControlEdge Builder, and third party product tools.