BuzzBundle Review – How I Drive Traffic To My Blog

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Review of: BuzzBundle
Reviewed by: Matthew Woodward
Updated On: May 31, 2022


Buzzbundle monitors blogs, forums and social networks for search terms and allows you to engage people directly. I have used this approach to grow traffic to the blog with great success and Buzzbundle provides an easy to use interface.

buzzbundle reviewAs my regular readers will know, I generate traffic to the blog by reaching out and  engaging with my target audience directly.

It is the only thing I do to drive traffic to the site and I do that purely by getting involved with other blogs, forums, Q&A sites and social networks.

Over the past few months I have been talking about BuzzBundle and how much I have started to use it since I got hold of an early beta copy.

It is an absolutely fantastic tool that I use as part of my promotion strategy for an hour every single day.

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My BuzzBundle Review

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Resources In The Tutorial

BuzzBundle – Great software to generate traffic and build relationships with your target audience.
BuyProxies – My preferred proxy provider – the cheaper semi-dedicated ones are perfect! They also offer SEO proxies and residential proxies.

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Today you are going to learn how to increase traffic to your blog.

In January 2013 alone, I made a grand total of $9,511.93 due to the 9,485 unique visitors of my blog using this exact traffic generation strategy.

What I Did

  • Found my audience via forums, social networks, etc.
  • Participated directly in their conversations
  • Provided appropriate help and content

This is the sole reason behind my steady increase in traffic as you can see in the graph below.

Traffic Graph

 The blog has made $36,143.31 in the past 5 months and has almost reached $10,000 twice in the past 3 months.
To read more about the stats in detail, you can check out the full income reports on my blog.

All About Buzzbundle

  • Surveys blogs, social networks, forums, and Q&A sites
  • Locates related content based on user’s keywords
  • Lets you join in on conversations directly
  • Supervises campaigns
  • Manages new profile registration and verification process
  • Windows, Linux and Mac compatible

Buzzbundle is created by LinkAssistant who you might remember from my SEO Powersuite review.

Is one of the tools I have been using each morning the past 4 months to promote my blog.

It saves me a bunch of time by looking for my target audience for me and making it simple to connect with them!

My Personal Project

First, let’s start with my own Buzzbundle main page. Here is what my Buzzbundle looks like.

My BuzzBundle Project

Here are the 3 columns: blogs and forums, Q &A sites, and social networks.

The highlighted terms you see onscreen are the keywords I told Buzzbundle to search for.

Yahoo Answer Example

Before we jump into all the details of Buzzbundle, let’s check out one example to get an idea of how it works.

In the Q&A column, here is someone on Yahoo Answers wanting to know what tiered link building is. Since I have the perfect answer to that question with my tiered linking building tutorials, I will reply with this comment.

“Hi there, I have published an informative post about tiered linking building that might interest you. You can read it here and feel free to ask me any further questions.”

I insert the link at the end and submit my answer.

Yahoo Answers

You can check out the website itself and see that my answer has been posted.

This is a great example to show how powerful Buzzbundle is. It makes it very simple to submit responses to multiple blogs and forums with just a few clicks!

How to Setup a Buzzbundle Campaign

New BuzzBundle Campaign Setup

Let’s get started!

Here are the following steps to setup a campaign.

  • Select Create New Project
  • Add your website URL and click Next
  • Enter the keyword(s) you want it to search for and bring back related conversations
  • Choose the social media and networks you want and click Finish

Now, I’m going to promote my recent post about these backlink checkers: AhrefsSEOMoz, Raven Tools, SEO Spyglass and Majestic SEO.

I enter the backlink checkers listed above as my keywords and the software will pull up relevant posts containing these terms.

One post that came back was written by Ann Smarty, about Ahrefs vs Majestic SEO. We will use this information later on.

Change Layout

I want to change the layout of the columns to make it easier to read. Click the cog on the top right, click edit and you can add/remove columns as you like.

Change Column Layout

I prefer to separate my columns out to forums & blogs, Q & A sites which mention my keyword and website and social networks.

You can sort your columns out however you want. Don’t forget to add and remove keywords in the options section depending on the content you are looking for.

Monitoring Competitors

Monitor Competitors

There is also an option available to monitor the mentioning of competitors based on the keywords your tracking.

This helps out because you can get involved with conversations talking about your competitors.

Very handy!

Setting Up Proxies

setup proxies

Check under proxy rotation to import all of your private proxies.

If you are searching for a great deal of keywords and URL’s, proxies will be necessary to get the optimal search results.

You can use something like BuyProxies semi-dedicated ones. But if you are just using a few keywords then there is no need.

Persona and Profile Setup

Setup New Persona

Almost done!

Now we need to register our persona. Type in your name, username, password and email address. Buzzbundle will also request the password to your specified email account in order to check and verify emails.

You can also include a profile picture.

On the last step (step 3), you can include any personal details such as date of birth, gender, location and a short “About” section.

Now you can add your profiles such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.

Profile Setup

Enter your existing account information. You can create a new account through Buzzbundle and it will handle the whole process for you.

Click finish and they will be added to your persona.

Congratulations, you have just set up your brand new Buzzbundle account!

Let’s Start Buzzing!

First, find target audience – Enter your designated keywords. I just added a couple more search keywords: backlink checker and check backlinks to my original keyword list.

Click Find Buzz.

Monitor conversation

Now Buzzbundle will pull up all relevant posts with my list of keywords.

Second, engage directly – In the column for forums & blogs, I will comment on this conversation about an alternative for Yahoo Site Explorer.

“Hi I have written a detailed post comparing the best backlink checker tools to see how they performed.”

I submit my answer and it is posted!

engage target audience

Here someone is asking about an alternative software to Raven tools and I know I can definitely help them out with that. I respond to this question with my content included.

“Hi I recently wrote a tutorial comparing different tools such as Raven Tools. Check it out and see if it helps!”

I click OK and submit my comment. Simple as that.

Social Network Engagement

BuzzBundle search filter

On the Social Networks column, there is a filter option to weed out posts depending on your search.

Let’s search for @Sejournal to find all the users who retweeted the post we found earlier written by Ann Smarty.

This way I can find my target audience since I have also written a similar post about SEO that I can promote.

I reply with my own tweet to this user…

“Hi, if you liked this post then you will want to check out this one.”

Click OK and my tweet has been posted.

You can do this as many times as you like and there is also an option to add location, an attachment, shorten the URL and schedule tweets.

The Power of Buzzbundle

This is how I have been using Buzzbundle to build and boost traffic. Imagine the results if you did this a couple hours a day!

I have added more keywords to my search, anything that is related to the content I have published so I can discover more of my targeted audience.

I will be adding Buzzbundle and Buzz bundle after this review to include that in my search.

My strategy is to simply find my target audience and engage them by suggesting my content they might be interested in.

I am helping people out and they are in turn subscribing to my blog, buying through my affiliates and sharing my articles.

Buzzbundle makes it incredibly easy to do just that!

To further show how effective Buzzbundle is, Kevin, one of the people I tweeted earlier replied back with this tweet.

He is now introduced to my website, engaged and will most likely join my mailing list.

Kevins Tweet

Final Thoughts

  • I spend 1 hour every morning promoting my blog using Buzzbundle
  • For new posts, I promote for several hours with Buzzbundle

Buzzbundle reduces the amount of work to search and find the right target audience and simplifies connecting with them in just a couple simple steps.

It’s one of the greatest tools out there for traffic generation.

So what are you waiting for? Increase traffic to your blog!

To try it for yourself, download the free trial now!

Resources In The Tutorial

BuzzBundle – Great software to generate traffic and build relationships with your target audience.
BuyProxies – My preferred proxy provider – the cheaper semi-dedicated ones are perfect!