A Practical Guide To Scrapebox – The Only Scrapebox Tutorial You Need

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scrapebox tutorialScrapebox is like the Swiss army knife of SEO tools.

It should be in everybody’s arsenal and can be used for a huge range of functions.

A lot of people have asked me for a dedicated Scrapebox tutorial series & well, here it is :)

What You Will Learn

  • How to blast comments
  • How to build niche specific comments
  • Page rank sculpting
  • How to automate everything
  • How to analyse competitor backlinks
  • How to use the free addons

You will also get a bunch of exclusive resources and links to additional tutorials teaching you how to use it like a pro!


This was the culmination of months of hard work from Jacob King along with contributions from Charles Floate & Chris Dyson.

So props to them – it was so good I wanted to share it here with you all!

You should check out some of their other posts-

Scrapebox Discount Code

To close off the Scrapebox tutorial, I wanted to show you the cheapest place to buy it.

There’s an exclusive Scrapebox discount available for users of the BlackHatWorld forum.

But you can access that directly here without being a member which will save you $30 off the usual price.