How To Use The Best Spinner To Spin Articles That Fool Google

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Article spinning, when done correctly with The Best Spinner is highly effective.

I covered the topic briefly with my link building tutorials but wanted to get into more detail using The Best Spinner.

A lot of people don’t fully understand how to spin articles or don’t put the required time and effort in to create a high quality spin that will pass human moderation.

If you think that spinning doesn’t work anymore then you’re doing something wrong – watch my The Best Spinner tutorial below and you will see what I mean.

Of feel free to follow this simple SEO strategy to increase your search traffic because that’s why you are really here right?

What You Will Learn

If you’re familiar with spinning the first part of the tutorial won’t teach you anything new but a good 55 minutes focuses on advanced techniques & my personal process step by step.

  • What article spinning is
  • The benefits of article spinning
  • How article spinning works
  • How to spin articles the right way
  • Advanced spinning techniques including my personal process
  • How to use The Best Spinner like a pro

Underneath the video you can download a pack of sample articles that show you the step by step evolution from the seed article all the way through to the final sentence spun article complete with images, videos and contextual links.

How To Spin Articles With The Best Spinner

YouTube video

Resources In The Video

The Best Spinner – It really is The Best Spinner

Don’t Like Videos? Follow This Instead!

Warning: This is a complicated concept and much easier to understand with the video above

For today’s tutorial I’m going to be going over article spinning with The Best Spinner by Jon Leger. Knowing how to spin articles properly is highly important in avoiding duplicate content for link building.

Not sure what I mean by spinning?

 Spinning content is essentially saying one thing but in different ways.
You’re going to learn how to:

1. Spin articles correctly with The Best Spinner
2. Take advantage of the benefits of spinning
3. Use my advanced tips and tricks

Really quick, here’s a very basic example of what article spinning is.

Take this sentence: Hello my name is Matthew.

Spin it like this: {Hi|Hello|Hey} my name is Matthew and it produces these results:

1. Hi my name is Matthew.
2. Hey my name is Matthew.
3. Hello my name is Matthew.

Not too hard right? After you get good with spinning words and phrases, you can go on to spin nearly everything like whole paragraphs, sentences, links, images and videos.

I’ll teach you how to do all that with The Best Spinner so let’s get started!

Introducing The Best Spinner

I personally use The Best Spinner and I think it’s the best article spinner software on the market.

It is really easy to use so make sure you get The Best Spinner before we start.

the best spinner tutorial

So you can see we have our article pasted in there and on top there’s a couple Auto tools.

What most people consider article spinning is just loading an article,  hitting auto select and be done with it.

In reality, that method of spinning isn’t of decent quality, plus it’s not very original so don’t take any shortcuts and learn to do it properly!

Spinning Sentences

Spinning sentences is just writing sentences that have the same meaning but in a different way.

It’s like copying your mate’s homework but rewriting it so you don’t get caught!

Not like we haven’t done that before eh? ;)

sentence spinning with the best spinner

In the picture above, you can see we have two different sentences for the first sentence about payday loans. To write it out in spinning format, first put a curly bracket, separate the two options with a pipe symbol and close it with another curly bracket.

In the Spun Article tab, you can preview the different variation outcomes.

You can add more if you like but just make sure to separate it out with the pipe symbol.

You need to add at least two alternative sentences for every original sentence in your article. Once you’re done writing out the sentences, click the Publish tab and then on Generate and Compare.

compare & generate

So we created 50 articles and it’ll compare them to show you the percent uniqueness. The higher the number, the more unique it is.

Since we’re spinning at sentence level, the range of percent uniqueness will be quite spread out. You can see we have some around 30 to 40 and then some at 80 and 90 but we want to see more 90′ s.

Now we’ll spin words and phrases to increase the originality.

Spinning Words and Phrases

Spinning at the phrase and word level isn’t all that difficult. The Best Spinner can help you out so if you highlight a phrase, it’ll bring up some alternative suggestions if you’re stuck.

phrase spinning

Sometimes The Best Spinner doesn’t come up with the best suggestion so just rack your brain a bit to come up with better ones. They should be used more as a guideline so you’ll still have to exercise your mind.

Can’t be too lazy!

As you highlight certain phrases, look through the list, pick out the ones that are good and select those.

phrase spinning part 2

It might be better to change just one word in a phrase and not the entire phrase. In some cases, you could find a word or phrase that isn’t necessary but still makes sense with the rest of the sentence.

To make them optional, add a bracket at the beginning, a pipe at the end and a bracket to close it. If you preview the spun article and go through the different versions, the optional phrase comes up randomly.

So that’s another way to increase the uniqueness in The Best Spinner. Phrase and word spinning is pretty simple, all you have to do is make sure the alternative words make sense. When you’re done, it should look something like this.

spinning words

To check the uniqueness of the articles, click on Generate and Compare to see the results.

uniqueness phrases

Remember the higher the percentage, the better. On the table you’ll notice that we have more numbers in the 90’s, 80’s and 70’s, much better than the 30’s and 40’s we were getting with just sentence spinning.

We can gain an even higher percentage once we start adding in links, pictures and videos.

Spinning Images and Videos In The Best Spinner

First up, images.

You can actually spin all the elements in an HTML code like alignment, border, alt text and image source.

image spinning

One extra step I took with my HTML code was moving around the elements so that you make even more combinations. It increases uniqueness, looks good to Google and is pleasing to the reader. You can download this spin code under the tutorial.

For this example, I’m going to look for an image on Google images and some alt tags to include.

You can do this two ways: with or without Scrapebox. These are the steps for without Scrapebox:

1. Search for your keyword on Google Images
2. Make sure to look for small size photos
3. Pick however many photos you want
4. Open in a new tab the full size of each picture

Download the URL lister plugin which will automatically pull up all the URLs of the tabs you have open and copy it. Paste them into The Best Spinner.

image urls

Click Spin Together, no to the popup and insert the results into our img src.

So that’s how you do it without Scrapebox but if you’ve got it, you can do this much faster with more images. Let’s jump quickly over to Scrapebox to see how that’s done.

In Scrapebox, go up to Addons and click on Google Image Grabber. If you don’t see it, just show available addons and install it there.

In the new window, enter your keyword, how many images you want and remember the size has to be small. Click Locate Image URLs and there you have it, a whole list of URLs in a matter of seconds.

Way faster than clicking on each and every single picture on the web!

scrapebox image urls

Once you got your list, click Export and save the file. Open up the file, copy and paste it back into The Best Spinner like we did before. Spin them together and insert that into the source.

scrapebox urls

Now that we got our sources taken care of, we need to finish the alt tags.

To do this in The Best Spinner, just type out your keyword, highlight it and select some alternative words. Copy the list and paste it into the alt tag section.

alt tags

The better method to do this is with Scrapebox so jump back over there and open up the keyword scraper. Type in some keywords, check all the source boxes and click Scrape.

scrapebox alt tags

It’ll come back with a nice list of keywords that you can use for the alt tags. Once again copy and paste the list into The Best Spinner, Spin Together, hit no and paste the list into the alt tag section.

Everything probably looks like a huge mess but actually we have a really nice list of sources and alt tags to mix it up. Organized chaos!

Once you’re all done, you can click Spun Article in The Best Spinner to see what we got.


Now that we got images all taken care of, we can start spinning videos!

Go to Youtube and search for your keyword. I used to open all the videos in different tabs but if you use the Firefox plugin called Copy URLs Expert you can highlight the videos, right click and Copy the URls with the plugin.

YouTube URLs

Do this for a couple pages and paste all the links into an Excel spreadsheet so we can sort it out and get rid of the unwanted links. Click on Sort from A to Z and delete all the links until you get one with the “watch”  like these.

Excel Youtube videos

Next highlight the URLs and click on Remove Duplicates to narrow it down more. Now we got the URLs, the next step is getting all the embed codes.

So open up one video, click Share and then Embed. We want the old embed code so check that and copy and paste the code into Notepad.

video ID

You’ll see the video ID in there a couple times so we need to rebuild this code in Excel to make it work for spinning. Go back to the Excel spreadsheet, click on the Youtube URL and highlight everything up to and including the equal sign.

Find and replace this part of the URL with nothing so all you’re left with are the video IDs.

video ID excel

To rewrite the codes, we have to copy and paste parts of the code in the appropriate columns. Don’t get this messed up or your codes won’t work!

  • Column 1 is the first part of the old embed code up until the first video ID
  • Column 2 is the video ID that we singled out earlier
  • Column 3 is the ? up to the second video ID
  • Column 4 is the video ID so copy and paste the second column into the fourth
  • Column 5 is the rest of the embed code

Remember to fill down the entire column so it looks like this.

excel youtube codes

In column G, add up the rows so A1& B1 & C1 & D1 & E1 and fill that one down.

To check what it looks like, just copy one of them from Column G and paste it into Notepad. If you compare it with the original old embed code they should be fairly similar.

similar codes

So to use those codes in the Best Spinner, copy all the codes in Column G and paste that in a new article. Click Spin Together, no again to the popup and it’ll spin everything for you.

Now that that’s all done, you have an article spun at the word, phrase and sentence level along with the images and videos all loaded up into The Best Spinner.

We got all the pieces, all that’s left to do is to put it together!

There’s no hard and fast rule to to adding the videos and images but it’s better to randomise it as possible.  

To make the image or video appear randomly between paragraphs, open the bracket at the end of the paragraph, add the pipe and close the bracket at the beginning of the next paragraph.

random video image

Now grab your image code we made earlier and paste it after the pipe. If you check what the spun article looks like, sometimes an image comes up and sometimes it doesn’t.

For videos, it’s essentially the same thing. At the end of the paragraph, open the bracket, add the pipe and some space, then close the bracket. Grab the video code and insert it after the pipe.

So that’s how to add the image and video codes into the article but you can do one more thing to make it more unique, by showing either a video or an image or nothing.

Open a bracket at the beginning of the image code, enter a pipe and paste the video code. Close it with a bracket and then copy that whole thing and paste it in between a paragraph.

image or video or nothing

When you preview the article, you’ll see that sometimes an image comes up, sometimes a video and sometimes nothing. That’ll do wonders for our uniqueness so check our numbers.

Hit Publish and Generate and Compare 50 articles to bring up the chart.

90 percent uniqueness

Look at that! Most of our numbers are in the high 80’s and 90’s which is the best outcome we want for article spinning. Remember, the most important thing is for our articles to pass human moderation so the more unique it is, the more natural it is.

A Few More Tips and Tricks

There’s a couple more ways to make our articles even more original with The Best Spinner:

1. Make entire paragraphs optional
2. Make whole sentences optional
3. Spin bullet point lists, the content in the lists, headings and different font styles

Really there’s just an unlimited amount of possibilities so don’t be afraid to get creative! The more ways you can think of the better.

The way to make sentences or entire paragraphs optional is exactly the same for what we did with the images and videos. You should have a good idea of what that process is like by now!

optional paragraph

Open a bracket at the beginning of the paragraph or sentence, put a pipe at the end and close it with another curly bracket. To see the percent uniqueness, generate and compare articles again.

spin article compare

Still you see a bunch of 80’s and 90’s, although there is a 70 here and there which is still not good enough but that’ll improve once we add in our links and anchor text.

Adding Links

Open up a new article and type out the HTML code for our money site URL.

For the anchor text, you can look up similar words to your target keyword. If you remember we did that for word spinning so you can take those ones and paste it into our code.

Using similar keywords will make the anchor text look natural and flow well with the article.

anchor text

There is the option to spin naked URls which I personally don’t do but you can if you want. To avoid disturbing the feel of the article you can add the naked URL in brackets after the keywords.

naked url

It’s not really the best way to do it but it gives the reader a point of reference as well. You can even add some text before the URL like check out, visit and see.

check url

Spin all those together to make it the link to the money site. If you hit preview in The Best Spinner, you’ll see that sometimes it’ll have the naked URL and sometimes it’ll have the anchor URL.

Place that code into the article where you see your target keyword and spin the article to see the money site link appearing with either naked or anchor URL.

spinning anchor and naked url

One thing to keep in mind is that you don’t want to add links to just your money site. It’s important to link other relevant websites to help make your backlinks stronger. I’m going to show you how to do that in Scrapebox so jump over there.

These are the steps to find new URLs in Scrapebox:

1. Enter in title keywords. Mine are payday loan and cash advance loan
2. Select your search engine and the number of results you want
3. Once it brings back your results, delete duplicates and copy the URls in clipboard

Head back to The Best Spinner, paste that into a new article and spin all those URLs together. Add the HTML code in the beginning and we can paste the anchor text options in that we found earlier to complete our contextual links.

big list of urls

What we want to do next is make the contextual links optional so add a curly bracket in the beginning, a pipe at the end and close it with another bracket.

To spread this throughout the article, look for the targeted keywords and just replace it with all the contextual link code.

If you see any other keywords or common phrases in the article, you should scrape relevant websites and add those in for more contextual links.

So now that we have finished putting in all our links, images and videos we can compare the uniqueness again to get an overview of what doing all that does for our originality.

last compare chart

Excellent! There are lots more high 80’s and 90’s in our final comparison which is really great. The longer your article is, the more uniqueness it will generate.

Since this example was only 200 words with a few images and videos, imagine what your results will be with a 500 word article using 50 or 60 images and videos with lots more links.

The Best Spinner Review Final Verdict

The Best Spinner is called that for a reason and more than lives up to it’s name. No other spinning tool can deliver the same level of quality on a stable platform. Not only that but it’s super affordable and doesn’t have an expensive monthly fee.

Wrapping It Up

So that is article spinning with The Best Spinner and how to do it properly.

I know it’s going to take some practice to really get it down but it only takes me two hours now from start to finish.

Keep in mind while you’re spinning what you’re spinning for, like article directories don’t allow images and videos but Web 2 websites do.

To wrap it all up…

 Article spinning with The Best Spinner is very effective when it is done properly.
To do it properly, do it by hand and never use the auto spinning option.

Add images, links and videos when appropriate and make sure that your article will pass human moderation each and every time.

Resources In The Tutorial

The Best Spinner – It really is The Best Spinner

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best article spinner?
The best article spinning software you can use is ironically called ‘The Best Spinner’. If used properly it can be extremely effective.

Is Article spinning good for SEO?
When done correctly, article spinning is good for SEO. As long as the content you are spinning is high quality, adds lots of value and is done in the proper way then you can get the message published across multiple websites, all linking back to you.

How does an article spinner work?
Article spinning is when you take a piece of content and rewrite it so it becomes unique. The topic isn’t altered but the text appears original as the words are changed. This method can really work when done properly.

Is article spinning legal?
Yes, article spinning is legal. However, I wouldn’t recommend it to everyone. If you want to use this technique to generate content, you need to take the time to understand how it works and how to do it the right way. Note that you shouldn’t use this technique during an SEO campaign.

Is article spinning bad?
If done incorrectly, content spinning can be bad for your SEO as well as for the internet. But if you do it the right way, using my tutorial of The Best Spinner, you’ll end up with great pieces of content that are good for your SEO and your visitors.