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What is NinjaOutreach?

NinjaOutreach is a digital marketing tool designed to connect companies/brands with influencers working in the same niche.

Not only does NinjaOutreach help people finding influencers in their niche, but the tool also automates the outreach process.

With NinjaOutreach you can build profitable business relationships with other professionals quickly and easily.

Overall, this is a time-saving influencer marketing tool that turns a gruelling task into just a few clicks of a button!

Who is NinjaOutreach for?

NinjaOutreach is for anybody that wants to get in touch with social media influencers in their industry in order to:

  • Build solid relationships
  • Build brand authority
  • Promote products/services

NinjaOutreach is suitable for any kind of business regardless of their niche or size.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a freelancer or if you run a multi-million dollars company, if you need to find influencers quickly, NinjaOutreach is a tool for you.

A Closer Look At The Features

NinjaOutreach has a few features that are worth writing about:

Find Influencer By Niches or Keywords

This feature allows you to find the most popular influencers in your niche on:

  • Instagram
  • Youtube
  • Twitter

The only thing you have to do is search for your niche and go through the results.

Then, select the influencers you prefer (ideally the ones that fits the best to your brand) and add them to your list to outreach.

And that’s it.

In just a few minutes you can get the name/profile of the most powerful influencers in your industry.

Built-in Email Finder

To be honest, finding influencers is easy, but finding their contact information is harder. It’s actually the most challenging part of the outreach process.

To overcome this issue, NinjaOutreach has integrated a built-in email finder. This means that with this feature you can find all the email addresses you need for your outreach.

Create Email Templates

With NinjaOutreach you can create email templates. This feature is great because it makes you save time, a lot of time.

But be careful.

You need to add personalised details in each email before sending them out to your prospects.

You want to add a little something that makes you stand out and prove that you’re not another spammer but a real person looking for a business partnership.

Schedules emails/campaigns

One of the most important features is the scheduling feature.

Once you’ve got your list of contacts and have created your (personalised) templates, you can schedule your emails to be sent out when you want.


NinjaOutreach offers 4 plans: Basic, Advanced, Professional and Enterprise:

Ninjaoutreach pricing

As you can see NinjaOutreach is quite pricy but they offer a free 7-days trial.

Warning: Once the trial over, you’ll be charged automatically, without notice- if you don’t cancel your subscription. Plus, they don’t have a refund policy so if something goes wrong, you won’t get your money back.

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